The brewery was founded in 2008 by Tim Walsh and Dave Bryan of Crown Point, IN.  

They both wanted to see great craft beer in their local community! The City of Crown Point was home to a large regional brewery(Crown Brewing) that closed in 1916.  They brought back the Crown Brewing name and the brewery has grown and become a part of the Crown Point community again.  The brewery particpates in community events and has teamed up with the City of Crown Point to host an annual Oktoberfest celebration! The brewery is now owned by Dave Bryan.


Brewmaster Steve Mazylewski

Brewmaster Steve joined the team shortly after the brewery opened.  He has been brewing professionally for nearly 25 years and has been at Crown Brewing since early 2009.  He has won many awards for his delicious beers, including a Gold Award for Crown Brown in the 2012 World Beer Cup and a Bronze Award for Industrial Porter in the 2010 World Beer Cup.


Steve is well known for making tasty beers, but his favorite beers to brew are full flavored lagers.   He did his lager training in Germany and developed a passion for flavorful lagers.


Do you want to meet Brewmaster Steve and learn more about what he does?  Send an inquiry to hanna@crownbrewing.com to see about booking a tour of the brewery.