UPDATED 9/14/2020

*We are open for limited dine-in services. 

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Sun 11am-8pm 

Mon-Weds 11am-9pm  

Thurs-Sat 11am-10pm



Mayzie Cream Ale

Our lightest offering is brewed to be a drinkable session beer.

It is low in bitterness with a light malty character. This classic

American style beer was very popular pre-prohibition. 

IBU: 20 ABV: 3.6% Body: Light Flavor: Balanced Color: Light

$3-4-6  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill

Beauregard Blueberry Ale

Our contribution to the fruit beer category. Boasting loads of upfront blueberry

in the aroma and flavor profile. Light bodied, making it a very drinkable fruit ale. 

IBU: 20 ABV: 3.6% Body: Light Flavor: Fruity Color: Light.

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill

Industrial Porter

Available Tuesday 9/15/2020

This award-winning brown porter has roasted and caramel malt flavors

balanced with a hoppy bitterness. Bronze medal winner 2010 World Beer Cup.

IBU: 32  ABV: 6.1%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Malty  Color: Dark

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill

“The Dude” Java Porter

Our Industrial Porter flavored with cold-brewed White Russian coffee for 

a distinct smooth yet robust profile. One of the best coffee porters around. 

But that’s just like our opinion man...

IBU:32 ABV: 6.1% Body: Medium Flavor: Malty Color: Dark

$3|$5|$7  $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill  $6 Bomber 

Special Forces IPA

This copper-colored brew has a strong citrusy floral hop aroma. The intense

hop bitterness and flavor is backed by a medium maltiness and body.

Our IPA is hopped seven times during the boil with Chinook, CTZ, lots of Cascade,

and dry-hopped for additional character.

IBU: 67  ABV: 7.2%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Hoppy Color: Copper

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill


Bohemian Export Czech Pilsner 

German malts assure a smooth malty compliment to pronounced but soft hop aroma

and flavor brought on by Saaz hops. Here at Crown, we enjoy nothing more than

a true drinkable lager. We think we hit it on the nose with our Czech-style pilsner.

IBU: 35 ABV: 5.8% Body: Light Flavor: Balanced Color: Light 

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill

North Pole Tadpole American Pale 

The pre-metamorphosis version of North Pole Tree Frog Lactose IPA.  Large citrus aroma

and flavor balanced out by a smooth hoppy finish with a nice touch of caramel malts.

Not as strong in alcohol and much more approachable than North Pole Tree Frog.

**No pollywogs were injured in the making of this beer**

IBU: 45 ABV: 6% Body: Medium Flavor: Hoppy Color: Straw

$3-5-7   $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill

Shoe Corner Extra Special Bitter

If you are from the area you know about Shoe Corner on 109th in Dyer.

If not look it up on the glorious interwebs. We use all English ingredients to make this beer.

Mild hop and malt blend together to make a true to style English bitter.

IBU:45 ABV: 5% Body: Medium Flavor: Hoppy Color: Copper

$3-5-7 Howler $6 Growler $13

Ignis Fatuus Pumpkin Ale

As the summer winds down and the leaves start to fall one must know what else lies

around the corner. It is time for pumpkin everything… beer is no exception.

Pumpkin pie in a glass is the best way to describe it.

IBU: 20  Abv 5.8%  Body: Medium/Light  Flavor: Pumpkin  Color: Burnt Orange

$3-5-7  Howler Refill $7  Growler Refill $13  6pk $13

Rauchen Verboten Smoked Lager

German smoked malt takes the stage but not without backup.

Complex malt and smoke blend well to ensure an easy drinker.

IBU:23 ABV:5% Body: Medium Flavor: Smoke Color: Copper

$3-5-7 No Howlers or Growlers


Root Beer

$ 3 Pint | $3 Howler $6 Growler

Orange Dream

$ 3 Pint | $3 Howler $6 Growler


Upland Champagne Velvet

$4-6-8 | No Howlers or Growlers

Bell's Oberon American Wheat

$4-6-8 | No Howlers or Growlers



Angry Orchard Hard Cider

$5 / 12oz Bottle

Jose Cuervo Lime Hard Seltzer

$5 / 12oz Can

Jose Cuervo Grapefruit Hard Seltzer

$5 / 12oz Can

Mickey's Malt Liquor

$2 / Wide Mouth

Pabst Blue Ribbon

$2 / 16oz Can

Upland Campside Pale

$4 / 12oz Can

White Claw Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

$4 / 12oz Can


WE DELIVER! Call 663-6551 to order

Check the BEER MENU for availability.


Sunday- Thursday 11am-11pm

Friday- Saturday- 11am-12am

211 S East Street
Crown Point, IN 46307




TUES- $5 22oz POURS OF




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