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Mayzie Cream Ale

Our lightest offering is brewed to be a drinkable session beer.

It is low in bitterness with a light malty character. This classic

American style beer was very popular pre-prohibition.

IBU: 20 ABV: 3.6% Body: Light Flavor: Balanced Color: Light

$3-4-6 Howler Refill $6 Growler Refill $11

Bomber Bottle $6

Beauregard Blueberry Ale 

Our contribution to the fruit beer category. Boasting loads of upfront blueberry in the aroma and flavor profile. Light in body making it a very drinkable fruit ale.

IBU: 20 ABV: 3.6 Body: Light Flavor: Fruity Color: Light.

$3-5-7  Howler Refill $6  Growler Refill $11

Bomber Bottle $6

Industrial Porter

This award winning brown porter has roasted and caramel malt flavors balanced with a hoppy bitterness. Bronze medal winner 2010 World Beer Cup.

IBU: 32  ABV: 6.1%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber


“The Dude” Java Porter

Our Industrial Porter flavored with cold-brewed White Russian coffee for 

a distinct smooth yet robust profile. One of the best coffee porters around. 

But that’s just like our opinion man...

IBU:32 ABV: 6.1% Body: Medium Flavor: Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber

Special Forces IPA

This copper colored brew has a strong citrusy floral hop aroma. The intense hop

bitterness and flavor is backed by a medium maltiness and body. Our IPA is hopped

seven times during the boil with Chinook, CTZ, lots of Cascade,

and dry-hopped for additional character.

IBU: 67  ABV: 7.2%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Hoppy Color: Copper

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber


Flamme Rouge Raspberry Wheat

Perfect for the patio on a hot day, or any day really. Pounds of fresh raspberry puree in each batch! Refreshingly fruity and well rounded by loads of American red wheat. 

IBU: 12 ABV:5.6% Body: Medium Flavor: Raspberry Color: Light pink

$3-5-7   $7 Howler Refill  $13 Growler Refill

Kronen Bräu Helles

A crisp, clean, German light lager. Fully krausened,

meaning it has 100% natural carbonation.

IBU: 24 ABV 5.1% Body: Light Flavor: Clean Lager Color: Light

$3-5-7    $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill

Ignis Fatuus Pumpkin Ale

As the summer winds down and the leaves start to fall one must know what else 

lies around the corner. It is time for pumpkin everything… beer is no exception. 

Pumpkin pie in a glass is the best way to describe it.

IBU: 20  Abv 5.8% Body: Medium/Light  Flavor: Pumpkin Color: Burnt Orange

$3-5-7  Howler Refill $7  Growler Refill $13  6pk $13

Oktoberfest German Lager

True to its style, this lager keeps your palate clean and happy. 

German malts, hops and yeast are used exclusively. Prost!

IBU:27  ABV: 5.1% Body: Medium-Light Flavor: Malty Color: Light Copper

$3-5-7   $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill

Buster The Cat Pale Ale

An easy drinking pale ale made with Cashmere hops and Tahoma hops from Howe Farms.

Not bitter, just full of hop flavor and aroma. Named after Howe Farms cat, Buster.

Having a bad day? Hug a barn cat.

IBU:42 ABV: 5.8% Body: Med-Light Flavor: Hoppy  Color: Light Gold

$3-5-7   $6 Howler  $11 Growler

 Till Death Do Us Part I.P.A

 Brewed in conjunction with our friends at McFly’s Gentleman Shop,

right here in Crown Point.  Fruity danky hops dominate while being gentle,

leaving you wanting another sip.

 IBU: 62 ABV: 5.8% Body: Medium Flavor: Hoppy Color: Dark Gold

$4-6-8   $8 Howler Refill   $15 Growler Refill

Basilisk  Milk Chocolate Stout

 Roasted malts with hints of toffee, bakers chocolate and molasses with just enough hop to balance it all out.  A perfect fall beer. Aged with Coco nibs for that nutty coco goodness.

IBU:24 ABV: 5.9% Body: Medium Flavor:  Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7   $6 Howler Refill $11 Growler Refill

 Witch’s Brew Coffee Black Pumpkin Ale

Black pumpkin ale with cold-brewed pumpkin spice coffee added.

IBU: 20  Abv 5.8% Body: Medium  Flavor: Coffee/Pumpkin Color: Black

$3-5-7  Howler Refill $7  Growler Refill $13


Neapolitan Stout ~ Available Weds 10/30/19

 Who remembers being a kid? Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a glass. 

IBU: 24 ABV: 5.9 Body: Medium Flavor: Neapolitan Ice Cream Color: Dark

$4-6-8  $8 Howler Refill $15 Growler Refill 


Skeleton Bone Xylophone White Stout ~ Available Fri 11/1/19

All the elements of a stout are there: chocolate, coffee, roast, silky mouthfeel. 

However, this beer is actually a deep gold ale meant to mimic what

a stout would taste like. It’ll rattle your bones!

IBU:22 ABV: 6.2% Body: Medium Flavor: Cappuccino Color: Gold

$4-6-8   $8 Howler Refill $15 Growler Refill


Perfect Angel Wheat Wine

 Copious amounts of wheat malt lend a malty-bready flavor supported by

 generous amounts of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. 

IBU: 22  ABV: 9% Body: Full  Flavor: Malty Color: Amber 

$5 Snifter  $10 Howler $20 Growler

Hopqua Boogie Imperial IPA

Brewed with over 10lbs of Grade A Funk per barrel, ya dig? Bold, bitter,

 and that so needed resinous skunk blast into your dome through your nose. 

It’s the bomb, that underwater boogie baby.

IBU: 105 ABV: 11%  Body: Full Flavor: Bitter Funk  Color: Gold

$6 Snifter  No Howlers or Growlers


Root Beer $3

$3 Howler Fill - $6 Growler Fill


WE DELIVER! Call 663-6551 to order

Check the BEER MENU for availability.


Sunday- Thursday 11am-11pm

Friday- Saturday- 11am-12am

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