UPDATED 1/13/2020


Beauregard Blueberry Ale 

Our contribution to the fruit beer category. Boasting loads of upfront blueberry in the aroma and flavor profile. Light in body making it a very drinkable fruit ale.

IBU: 20 ABV: 3.6 Body: Light Flavor: Fruity Color: Light.

$3-5-7  Howler Refill $6  Growler Refill $11

Bomber Bottle $6

Industrial Porter

This award winning brown porter has roasted and caramel malt flavors balanced with a hoppy bitterness. Bronze medal winner 2010 World Beer Cup.

IBU: 32  ABV: 6.1%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber


“The Dude” Java Porter

Our Industrial Porter flavored with cold-brewed White Russian coffee for 

a distinct smooth yet robust profile. One of the best coffee porters around. 

But that’s just like our opinion man...

IBU:32 ABV: 6.1% Body: Medium Flavor: Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber

Special Forces IPA

This copper colored brew has a strong citrusy floral hop aroma. The intense hop

bitterness and flavor is backed by a medium maltiness and body. Our IPA is hopped

seven times during the boil with Chinook, CTZ, lots of Cascade,

and dry-hopped for additional character.

IBU: 67  ABV: 7.2%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Hoppy Color: Copper

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill - $11 Growler Refill - $6 Bomber


Gila Mexican Lager 

A refreshing lager with Heidelberg Malt, Corn, and hopped with Czech Saaz

IBU:28, ABV:5%, Body:Light, Flavor:Balanced, Color:Light 

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refill  $11 Growler Refill


Skeleton Bone Xylophone White Stout

All the elements of a stout are there: chocolate, coffee, roast, silky mouthfeel. 

However, this beer is actually a deep gold ale meant to mimic what

a stout would taste like. It’ll rattle your bones!

IBU:22 ABV: 6.2% Body: Medium Flavor: Cappuccino Color: Gold

$4-6-8   $8 Howler Refill $15 Growler Refill


Basilisk  Milk Chocolate Stout

 Roasted malts with hints of toffee, bakers chocolate and molasses with just enough hop to balance it all out.  A perfect fall beer. Aged with Coco nibs for that nutty coco goodness.

IBU:24 ABV: 6.4% Body: Medium Flavor:  Malty Color: Dark

$3-5-7   $6 Howler Refill $11 Growler Refill

Winter Warlock Spiced Brown Ale

Warlock is a slightly spiced English Strong Brown Ale. Brewed  with 

pure maple syrup, honey, and a blend of sugars and spices. 

IBU: 28  ABV: 7% Body: Medium-Heavy  Flavor: Malt and Spice Color: Dark Copper

$3-5-7  $6 Howler Refil  $11 Growler Refill

Queen of the Rink Blood Orange IPA

Brewed originally with the Illiana Derby Dames, this hoppy IPA has lots of Eukanot 

and Citra hops for a citrus flavor. 42 lbs of Blood Orange Puree was added to the fermenter, 

and 5 lbs of dried orange peel added to the serving tank. 

IBU: 69  ABV: 6.4%  Body: Medium  Flavor: Citrus Hoppy 

$4-6-8   $8 Howler Refill  $15 Growler Refill



2019 Barrel Aged Grand Poobah Russian Imperial Stout

Dark fruit flavors meld with bittersweet chocolate tones creating a 

complex profile. Noticeable alcohol rounded by a large malt body. 

Aged in a Heaven Hill Whiskey barrel for four months.

ABV:10.5%  Body: Heavy  Flavor: Malty  Color: Black

$8 Snifter  $15 Bomber

2019 Barrel Aged Basilisk MCS with Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee

After spending four months in a Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel we amped this up with

flavored cold brewed coffee. Satisfyingly rich to keep you going this winter.

ABV:8%  IBU: 24 Body: Heavy  Flavor: Coffee/Bourbon  Color: Black

$8 Snifter  No Howlers or Growlers


Perfect Angel Wheat Wine

 Copious amounts of wheat malt lend a malty-bready flavor supported by 

generous amounts of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. 

IBU: 22  ABV: 9% Body: Full  Flavor: Malty Color: Amber 

$5 Snifter  $10 Howler $20 Growler



Halsdurchschlag Berliner Weiss

Central State Brewing, Indianapolis, IN

 Wheat based Berliner Weiss with Meyer lemons brings out a zing of bright acidity..  

IBU: n/a  ABV: 3.9% Body: Thin  Flavor: Sour Color: Light 

$4-6-8    No Discounts, Howlers, or Growlers


Table Beer

Central State Brewing, Indianapolis, IN

 A rustic blonde ale brewed in the style of French and Belgian table beers. 

100% Brett fermented, giving lots of flavor and spicy rye notes.  

IBU: 38  ABV: 4% Body: Thin  Flavor: Brett Color: Blonde 

$4-6-8    No Discounts, Howlers, or Growlers


Root Beer or Cotton Candy $3

$3 Howler Fill - $6 Growler Fill


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